Fundraising through the spirit of commraderie

It was October, 2015. The ladies were in search of the perfect fundraising campaign for their beloved fawn, project, Hat Trick Bitches. As much as they appreciated the fancy parties where cheek kisses are the normal greetings, and the infinite advertisements and hooks posted on Facebook; they wanted something different, something more like them. Without going into too deep of an existential crisis, the ladies found their angle. Fun, chill and odd. Using volunteers’ homes in various boroughs of New York City. Complete with Polaroid cameras, props, photo booths, projector viewing, and complimentary beer and snacks, the girls threw 3 successful parties. All resulting in enough funds to keep the Hat Trick Bitches alive through the next section of episodes! It was a triumph and a blast. Hat trick accomplished once more.

Also released was the official website of this chuckle-inducing web series: Hat Trick Bitches Official Website

the gang release party - brooklyn
The Creators, Producer and Publicist all come in close for a polaroid moment

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