Adapting Ibsen’s Hedda

Apparently, I wanted a healthy dose of humility because I am compelled to write an adaption of Ibsen’s complex classic Hedda Gabler. How hard could it be right? Huh?! It’s very hard. Very. Hard.

The play has a pull that can’t be resisted. Ibsen not only explored the hindering rules of society but also the obstacles that we give ourselves. In the early 1800s, these characters were displaying signs of a common, serious problem we have today. Depression. With that in mind, the first draft began. To aid the inevitable learning curve of writing an adaptation, I assembled a group of very talented actors to read the completed parts. Upon hearing their dulcet tones speak my verbiage, I realized this wasn’t the direction the piece needed. In fact, with the help of my peers, it was clear that the upcoming draft would need a better vision of it’s purpose. Already it’s time for a rewrite, and I couldn’t be more excited.


*Photo from University of North Carolina Greensboro Theatre

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