About Me


The facts of Madeline Chilese start with being born, as most human stories do, and raised in Arizona. With three older sisters at every major university in Arizona, Madeline set her eyes on University of Northern Colorado where she received her BA. After graduation her wander lust was not sated and she packed up for Chicago, where her focus was work-shopping new pieces. Although Chicago was an incredible experience, she needed a little more kick to her punch so she moved to New York where she has pursued her three loves: acting, playwriting, and Tale Told Productions (a non profit, classical Shakespearean Company, that she co-founded). With the inspiration of talented peers and new ideas, Madeline has happily nestled in to the loud, yet enrapturing, scene of New York.

Madeline’s other interests are hiking, gardening, Droznin and laughing. And yes, she counts laughter as a very important interest.